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Here are some examples of some properties that investors bought through us and then the investors resold the properties for a profit, as said earlier people were always advised to buy and hold it was never going a get rich quick strategy. These are not the best examples either, a lot of people made a lot more and some bought 2 or 3 properties! The better profits are still to come from the people that hold them for 20 or more years.

BETHANIA             Bought 1998 $139,900

                                  SOLD 2007 $330,000        Profit $190,900

Carrara                    Bought 1998 $149,900

                                  SOLD 2007 $275,000        Profit $125,100

NERANG                Bought 1996 $164,900

                                  SOLD 2004 $309,000        Profit $144,100

PALM BEACH       Bought 1999 $150,000

                                  SOLD 2004 $300,000        Profit $150,000

Reedy Creek          Bought 1997 $159,900                         

                                   SOLD 2008 $344,000       Profit $184,100

These are not the best increases we have had just the average, also remember that these properties that cost the people $20-40 per week to keep over 10 years (but probably less, the rent increases and they will become Cashflow positive) with only $1000 deposit up front. 

Some have done better than others, the Palm Beach property doubled in value in 5 years, yet the Carrara property did not quiet double in 9 years. Knowing which properties were going to have the biggest increase in capital growth is not possible, as no-one do not have a crystal ball. It is funny though the best increases came from the properties that most thought were the worst areas and were the furtherest away from the beachfront.

The best example of a property that we have found so far was in what was thought to be a questionable areas of Brisbane, Inala, for $39,950 in 1998 and that sold for $195,000 in 2008.

That is a 500% increase in 10 years or 50% PA on average. But the actual return is much better because if you look at the cost to keep this property it was less than $10,000 or $1000 per year over the 10 years and the owner received a $160,000 Gross Profit which is a 1600% return on funds to keep the property, or 160% per year.