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Rental Crisis 2015 On Gold Coast

It is easy to see how the Queensland Government and its incompetence of forcing Disclosure of Commissions allowed Valuers to discount the Value of Property and this caused less properties to be sold.

The affects of this were many, less houses not only meant less Revenue for the Queensland Government in the way of Stamp Duty. But also less GST to the Federal and the Queensland Government. There was also less people working on building sites and therefore less jobs and less money in the Queensland Economy which had clearly disastrous affects on the state of the Queensland economy with the State bordering on Bankruptcy and considering Asset sales to rectify the massive debt required to plug the gap of this missing revenue.

The biggest effect however was on the low income earner, with less homes to rent, the rents increased and as the Population of Queensland grew there were not enough homes to cater for them.

Chris' company was helping 2,400 people a year to get an investment property and this would provide housing for almost 10,000 people. The homes were costing the investor less than $40 per week and this would have produced an extra 24,000 homes over 10-years, enough to house up to 10,000 people, possibly enough to avoid the 2015 Rental Crisis if the Media had not put him out of Business, interesting?


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