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How did a property drop in price and then go back up so quickly, easy, it was Supply and Demand being manipulated by the media. The results are very surprising.

Lot 32 In a Carrara townhouse complex on the Gold Coast, 3 Bedroom, LUG, ensuite and air conditioned that is 15 minutes to the Beach, and 2 minutes to the Highway and shops.

Bought in 1998 for $149,900. The Valuer Eccleston Fraser valued these properties at $147,000 for Mortgagee Purposes for a Gold Coast City Councillor and local Solicitor.

Sold in 2002 for $98,000 which we may assume was a bad time to sell. Actually this was right in the middle of an attack from the Media and was broadcast Australia wide on TV and published by the News Papers stating the properties were over priced based on Herriots valuations, this caused increased Supply as more people wanted to sell, who wouldn't as a valuation showed you paid too much. It also caused Reduced demand, as nobody wanted to buy a home that was overpriced. Supply and Demand is what is what affects prices, and when it is manipulated by the media, this can cause people to lose money.

Sold in 2003 for $200,000 which we must assume was a great time to sell. So in one year it doubled in value, how does that work? Or was it that things were back to normal after the media died down.

Does anybody else wonder why? Could it have been that Chris' Company did not use the traditional media and the Developers stopped advertising in the local papers which caused a drop in revenue by $25Million per year that caused the attacks to start occurring?

The point here is that the Media was able to manipulate the supply and demand and in the process cause people to lose money all to protect their Rivers of Gold advertising revenue and they did not care who lost money in the process, very sad.