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People might wonder why Chris still strived to clear his name, when the people who accuse him of selling overpriced property seemed to be such high and upstanding members of the community, after all the Premier of Queensland and The Minister of Fair Trading are well respected and they can not be wrong, can they?

The Premier and the OFT Minister have had the matter at the centre of the Blackmail charge Suppressed so nobody knows what it is about. What is so secretive that the 2 people who pushed through full disclosure in the PAMDA Legislation have to keep a secret?

Premier Beattie wanted us to believe he was a saint! You be the judge?  Merri Rose was Jailed for trying to Blackmail Premier Beattie, what do you think it was for? If the Nature of the Blackmail had to be suppressed, how can we know the truth, what was so bad that it had to be kept secret and Beattie had to resign as Premier?


  • June 14, 2008 - 11:30AM SMH Courier Mail

The Crime and Misconduct Commission (CMC) will assess claims disgraced former minister Merri Rose forced electorate staff to falsify documents to "conceal a relationship" between her and former Premier Peter Beattie, it was reported today.

Nationals MP Rob Messenger sent a letter to the CMC yesterday claiming he had been approached by a former staffer who was seeking whistleblower protection to disclose alleged rorts, News Limited reported.

A CMC spokesman confirmed they received the letter and said they were now assessing it to determine whether to launch a misconduct investigation, News Ltd said.

The letter follows the much-publicised jailing of Rose last year over a blackmail attempt on Mr Beattie.

Key details of the case were suppressed under a court order. In his letter, Mr Messenger said he had been approached by the female staffer who had worked in Rose's Currumbin electorate office and later for Police Minister Judy Spence.

Mr Beattie - who is now the Los Angeles based trade commissioner - could not be contacted last night but his lawyer Sean Reidy said claims of a relationship were completely false, News Ltd reported.

The woman, who was the source of the information supplied to the CMC, was angry Mr Messenger referred the matter to the watchdog.

"I don't know where Rob Messenger is getting off on this but if I wanted our discussion about my previous encounters with members of the Queensland Parliament to be raised with the Crime and Misconduct Commission, I would have raised them with the CMC myself," she told News Ltd.