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Financiers used by Marketeers

Some of the Property Marketers that are doing the wrong thing and selling overpriced properties, and there are only a very small number, can only do so, because of Dodgy Financiers and how the financiers manipulate valuers and valuations!! They should be put out of business NOW.

Some of the worst financiers and Originators out there are the ones that work with or have some sort of relationship with the marketing firms and they are the ones that make the worst marketers look like angels and the Marketers are only in Business because of the way these Financiers and Originators manipulate valuers and the applications. Someone needs to show how a Financier working as or with a marketer manipulates valuations. The Financiers are the ones that engineer these things with the (Marketeer) being the one that promotes it.

This should be the case that the ACCC or the OFT should run and they could win easily, just wonder if they will take it on?

Maybe a place to start is Marianne Hewit from ORIGIN8 Finance Pty Ltd who stopped paying one of Chris' companies $400,000 a year in Finance Trailing commission because she decided she wanted to keep it.