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Federal Court Ruling

Queensland Minister for FAIR TRADING Merri Rose was jailed for 3 months for trying to Blackmail Premier Peter Beattie. She was part of the Slander against Chris, how can it be that a Disgraced Alcoholic Politician with Psychological Problems, by her own admission, is allowed to make such allegations and they stick.

After being involved in a court case against the ACCC, a 5 week hearing and full appeal in the Federal Court the Judge put in her Judgement that there was "no evidence to suggest that the respondents sold overpriced property" and there was "no evidence of Two Tier Marketing presented". 

So anyone that attacks Chris is saying the Federal Court Judge and the 5 Appeals Court Judges got it wrong after they heard 5 weeks of testimony? We might add that the Judge was Justice Susan Kiefel who is now the Supreme Court Justice, the top judge in the country in 2017.

People bought 5128 properties from Chris' companies worth around $1 Billion in total, today they are worth well over $2 Billion possibly as high as $3Billion. This has allowed many people to live out a very comfortable retirement that would not have been possible had they not bought an Investment Property from Chris' business. 

The best example of a property that we have found so far was in a suburb of Brisbane, Inala, for $39,950 in 1998 and that sold for $195,000 in 2008. That is a 500% increase in 10 years or 50% PA on average. But the actual return on funds expended was much better than this because this property was costing less than $1000 per year to keep. Which means over 10 years the total money expended was only $10,000 to a maximum of $20,000 and the Gross profit was almost $160,000 which is a 1600% return on money expended which is 160% return every year over 10 years. Why don't the critics talk about this property? 

Please realise that the properties only cost purchasers about $20-40 per week on average, that is less than $1900 per year and after rent has increased the total cost over 10 years would be less than $20,000 to keep the property. If they bought an investment for $160,000 and it they are now worth more than $320,000 - then the profit is $160,000 that is 8 times the money they invested or a 800% return on money to keep it, which is an average of 80% per annum.   

You decide whether the Federal Court Judge who spent 5 weeks hearing the ACCC case was right and concluded that there was "no evidence to show the properties sold were overpriced". Or was the Journalist quoting criminally convicted, alcoholic Minister for Fair Trading Merri Rose correct with a couple of hours investigation?

Although the judge found Chris had not sold overpriced property it never made it into the media, the accusations by the media have never been withdrawn.