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Most of the properties people invested in through Chris' companies were either, houses, townhouses, villas, duplexes or low rise units and were below $200,000, the average of all properties contracted was $160,928. The cost to the purchasers was $20-40 per week average.

Most Buyers only paid $1000 Deposit, the purchasers used equity from there own homes and in a lot of cases they were able to pay there own homes off many years quicker because of the investment property they purchased. They were saving thousands of dollars on their own home mortgages, therefore the properties were actually costing the people nothing or paying them to keep them in relative terms, because of the savings on their own home mortgages.

Incorrectly structured Investment properties could easily cost people double $200 every week if they are not an efficient investment property and are incorrectly structured for Investment. We regularly came across people who had properties cheaper to buy that were costing $100+ more every week.

You could have bought a cheaper property than Chris' in terms of purchase cost, but if it costs an extra $200 per week, that is $10,000 per year which is an extra $100,000 over ten years, so was it really cheaper? 

At $20-40 per week how many of you would like one of these now?

The Media wanted you to focus on the valuations, Valuations that they instructed the Valuer how to Value the properties. They obviously had an ulterior motive, because telling people to sell after they caused a drop in demand and an increase in supply was never going to be a good time for someone to sell. Their Valuer of Choice was always Iain Herriot and from other pages on this website you can see Herriot could not even agree with his own valuations and was way below what was acceptable to the ACCC and the ACCC stated that he was not a Creditable Witness that they could use in the Federal Court. Herriot valued the exact same property at almost half of what the Federal Court determined to be a reasonable Value. The Media was never interested in seeing other valuations as it ruined their stories and their hope of holding onto their rivers of gold advertising revenue.

The Media is the accuser, the Judge, the jury, the executioner, people have no ability to respond to accusations. They must have some sort of ulterior motive which may be as simple as protecting the rivers of Gold, because telling people to sell at the worst possible time can not be for in the best interests of people that have invested in property.

The movie stars will tell you, some stories have no truth at all in them and that is true as far as the media is concerned when they are protecting their rivers of gold.