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The Queensland office of Fair Trading was running its very own Nigerian Money Scam, the only difference was it was actually giving away tax payers money, all you needed was a Dodgy Valuation and a list of expenses and you would get a cheque back for $125,000!!!

The Minister for Fair Trading, Merri Rose was jailed for 3 months for Blackmailing Premier Peter Beattie, disgraced as she was she admitted in open court she was an alcoholic and suffering Mental Problems, she abused her privileges as a Government Minister in many ways including assisting in a smear campaign against Bilborough. 

The nature of the Blackmail against Premier Beattie was suppressed by the courts however, you have to ask yourself how bad can it be that the Premier must suppress it from being published and then resigns and the Minister for Fair Trading then goes to Jail. These are the same people that pushed through Full Disclosure for the Real Estate Contracts and yet they want to keep secrets that lead to Jail for a Minister and Resignations of a State Premier, read Chris Bilborough's book if you want to know the real dirt.

Yet Chris was cleared by the Federal Court, the properties people bought from his companies have doubled in value like they were advised they would.

Read in his book how the Minister sent the Untouchables after him, how they formed a special Tribunal, just for his clients. The most interesting part is the Valuations they used, this really is an unbelievable story, was the QOFT involved in Fraud, incompetence or were they all just drunk, like the Minister?

The Valuation they used, were from the same Valuer the media used, from Mr Iain Herriot and they valued a property that was bought for $165,000 at $90,000. The Federal Court and the Appeals court found that the property was worth $165,000 and said there was no evidence to suggest Mr Bilborough had sold any overpriced property. Just to support that; the property was sold on the local market by local agents for $175,000 within 6 months of the Tribunal hearing where the Valuation was presented. They did keep the $125,000 that the Queensland Government gave them though, it was definitely easier money that the Nigerian Scam.

All you had to do was buy a property, not sell it, get a Low Valuation, the Queensland Government gives you a cheque for $125,000 and then you sell the property for more than what you paid for it, amazing to think this could happen.