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Chris Bilborough was involved in a Federal Court case against the ACCC which is now a precedent in Financial Services Law taught in Universities throughout the country. Here are the two main points which Justice Susan Keifel found in her Judgement which needs to be thought about before people cast aspersions against Chris.

5. To establish that the representation about market value was misleading or deceptive it was necessary for the ACCC to prove that the units were sold at a price substantially greater than their true value.  The ACCC’s evidence did not establish that fact (see at [223] to [238]).

11. It is necessary to add that in the publicity attending the proceedings reference was made to ‘two tier marketing’. It was said that this involved the sale of units at one price to people who were familiar with the Gold Coast property market and at a much higher figure to people drawn from places distant. There was no evidence tendered at the hearing of such a market (see at [235]). 

Point 11 is very telling - after more than 2 years of investigation, access to all of the Journalists research, 5 weeks of trial, and not one piece of evidence was tendered, was the media just making this stuff up to protect their rivers of Gold Advertising revenue because Chris was not using NewsPapers to sell properties? Would $500,000 a week cause the owners of these NewsPapers to fabricate a slander campaign to protect their revenue? It does seem strange that they could not find one piece of evidence doesn't it? 

It should be remembered that the Valuations used by the Media to discredit Chris were by the Valuer Mr Iain Herriot. These were proven to be totally inaccurate, fraudulent or simply made up for the Media to discredit Chris. The court upheld the value of the home was $165,000, the sale price despite the valuation tendered by their expert witness of $135,000, please realise the ACCC instructed their expert witness to lower his original valuation from $166,000 down to $150,000 and then again to $135,000 to get the case to court. Iain Herriot's valuation on the same property was $90,000 and the people sold the property just months after this valuation was completed on the local market for $175,000. Obviously the $90,000 valuation was the one used by the media to discredit Chris and protect their Rivers of Gold Real Estate Advertising revenue. 

It is worth asking the question, was Chris Bilborough and his companies attacked by the media because they did not use the Local News Papers as an advertising medium? Have a read and make your own decisions, it is well known that they have a policy of BUY or KILL when it comes to competitors taking a share of their revenue, and the "NEWS of the WORLD" Scandal shows their ethics, or lack thereof, overrides the need for profit, you decide. 

Could the attacks be because the Property Developers stopped advertising with the local News Papers and the Newspapers lost $25Million a year in Revenue. Do these powerful Newspapers have a ruthless BUY or KILL history with competitors. 

Could this possibly be the reason the attacks on Chris Bilborough occurred by these same News Papers organisations? Was it because one of there Newspapers was the most profitable in the stable and Bilborough was taking up to $500,000 per week from that News paper conglomerate? Could it be they mounted a smear campaign against him to protect the "Rivers of Gold" advertising revenue? 

You be the Judge!!! 

Chris was mentioned in Parliament also, which means it was under Parliamentary privilege and you must ask why the Politician was not prepared to say it in the public arena, as well as where the Member of Parliament got the information and if it was accurate why wasn't it said in Public, and was that member of Parliament wanting favors from the Local News Papers to get re-elected?

You be the Judge?

Chris Bilborough's companies helped over 5,000 people to BUY Investment properties worth around $750 Million in total, today they are worth over $2 Billion. The company pioneered systems and techniques allowing 200 people buy properties every month. with salespeople regularly selling 20 or more homes per month each.

Those properties only cost $20-40 per week (average) to keep, the deposit was $1000 and they went up $160,000 (average) in 10 years, the total cost to the people would have been less than $20,000 to keep over that time.

The clients paid a less than $20,000 over 10 years to get $160,000 Gross Profit, that is an 800% Return or 80% per annum on the cost expended to keep them, that is $160,000 they would never have had if they did not invest. Not bad when the average Superannuation Payout is less than $100,000 from a lifetime of work.

The best example of a property that someone bought from the company that we have found so far was in a suburb of Brisbane, Inala, for $39,950 in 1998 and that sold for $195,000 in 2008. That is a 500% increase in 10 years or 50% PA on average. 

This is not an average example, it is the best we could find, but these are the stories that the established players did not want you to hear about, nor do they want you to know how they all doubled in value over 10 years and the only people that lost money were the Investors that listened to the Media and their dodgy valuer, and sold their properties when they should have kept them. That is the real tragedy, and that is the story that needs to be told, be very careful about listening to News Papers when they are attacking the people that are taking their Rivers of Gold.

Chris' Book is an interesting story which gives you a personal insight into what happened and into the many workings of Property Investment, Governments, Lenders, Politicians, Valuers, the ACCC, as well as other marketers and Gurus that use his system. Chris has produced a Video introducing his book which can be viewed at http://vimeo.com/47084543 which is very interesting. But wait till you see the new training he will be giving real estate agents so that local agents can take the investment property sales from the property marketeers and put them out of Business. That is correct, Chris Bilborough will be the person that puts the property marketeers our of business, is there anyone that would know how to do that better than him?